Monday, March 19, 2007


Long Hair
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It's not much, but it is the start of my very first Gocco print. The very thin double lines are in pencil and won't print because the image needs to be carbon to burn a screen. I chose to use an old sketch that I have always liked and planned on turning into a woodcut but never got around to doing. It is very simple and graphic and I think that might work. Unfortunatly other than a few cheapo blank cards I don't have any good paper for Gocco prints, the japanese paper I use for my woodcuts would never work. So a trip to Dick Blick or Pearl is neccisary. I hear that Pearl still carries Gocco supplies. I might want a few additional screens if they do. I'm going to try using the old screens that came with my used Gocco at first, but there is a good chance that they will be bad since they are so old. But I am assuming that everything else in the Gocco will work.

I also carved some 6"x6" blocks over the weekend. I wanted some small and quick things to work on to get me back in the groove of things after my absence. The huge maple leaves and whirlygig blocks are too time consuming and tedious for me right now. While I think they will look great when finally finished I am putting them on the back burning until I finish a few new prints. I'm going to tear paper. I picked up some nice mulberry paper that I want to use.

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