Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Last Days of Summer

We've been trying very hard to enjoy these final days of summer here in New England. We had two fabulous weekends in the high seventies and low eighties in a row and we spent them outdoors and by the water. The first weekend we went to Newport, RI to do the cliff walk but as soon as Alex saw the beach the walk was off the table and we were at the beach. Which would have been perfect if it hadn't been a "red tide" day with nasty algae killing some sea life (think mollusks) and just making things smell funky but not actually dangerous. My hyper-sensitive from pregnancy nose was going nuts but we still had a good time I just stayed away from the water.

Last weekend was better. We ended up in Portsmouth NH for the day and even though the cruises were all booked up we had a great time walking around and being near the ocean. Alex came back with this Viking Hat and has been wearing it nearly non stop since. The toystore it came from had some adorable dolls that my darling daughter showed pretty much no interest in, making me rather sad.

Things are well enough. We travel to the Midwest in a few weeks for her third birthday and will see a lot of family. After a couple of miserable (not to mention expensive) plane trips in a row we have decided to drive over two days.

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