Monday, March 22, 2010

Why Hello There

Been MIA (again) it seems. Seems that once one breaks the blogging habit it is really hard to restart it.

After the flood of last weekend, we thankfully didn't end up with a basement full of water like many here, this beautiful sunny weekend was pure joy. Friday and Saturday were the best, but Sunday was alright, especially considering it is still March.

Saturday was a trip to the zoo. Alex liked it so much that we left with a membership.

But the big thing for me is that I finished my "box". That is the box of papers and sketches for my next project. A project that I've been putting off with house stuff for months. I was on a bit of a roll until we started doing some major housework. Then all my limited free time has been sucked away by that. But I forced myself last night and got the ball rolling. I'm hoping to have something solid to show by Wednesday.

See you then!

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1 comment:

becca.elpy said...

ooh, can't wait to see your new project! boohiss to the flood waters. that's been happening a lot with all the rain. we're dry so far.

and these pics of alex are just adorable. :)