Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Newfound Hunger

My collage from last week is officially finished and listed on Etsy and Art Fire. I worked hard, yet it all seemed to flow quite naturally, to balance color and form. The only snag was my own confidence making it difficult for me to commit. But after playing around with the layout of elements for the week I knew when I had the right one.

This alphabet paper I found last week has awakened a letter hungry monster in me! I have such a selection of papers to chose from that I have built up over the years that it is remarkable that I found these so quickly. But I didn't know that I had multiple colors! This opens up a lot more to me, but I still need different papers, cut outs, fonts and colors. More please! The circle series didn't feel like a series at the time, but this piece is certainly the beginning of a new series. What fun!

So for now I must settle for a virtual online shopping spree collecting various papers, stickers and what not of various fonts. I'm thinking some stencils might be nice too so I can make my own.

I can't wait for my two free hours on Wednesday! It is a pity that I won't have more to work with by then, but I have enough to get started.


Jessica Torrant said...

I love it! Isn't it wonderful how one piece of paper or a stamp, sticker, whatever can inspire a whole new train of creative thought? I'm working with similar materials right now, so this post is extra inspiring for me. But it's no surprise that I love this piece - I fell in love with your work when I first joined Etsy. :)

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Why thank you!

Inspiration and ideas do seem to come out of thin air at times.

Hope you are inspired from all over.