Monday, January 05, 2009

We have a winner!

beach at dusk
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From my contest from last month. Danielle Andrews has won a mid-sized piece of her choice, an ACEO, some magnets and a pocket mirror. Value totaling over $80. Thanks for playing and keep watching for any future contests.

Sorry I haven't been around since getting back from Florida. Before Florida I got really sick. So sick in fact I was puking all night the night before our flight out. Even though I am better now I'm still recovering in a sense. Alexandra has been a huge handful lately. I am learning to accept that being a mom comes first and at least for now my artwork and everything involved with it is a distant second. But I do have hope to get some new pieces out this month. I did make a collage on new years day that I haven't scanned or photographed yet. It doesn't feel 100% done yet.

Florida was great despite having the plague. We got to spend a lot of time wandering around the beach and the weather and air were just perfect.

Wishing everybody a fantastic 2009!


CT said...

Glad your feeling better! Glad your little one didn't get it! That would have been a hand full! - CT

Alissa said...

ugh...sick while traveling is my worst nightmare! But, on the bright side--what better place to recover than at the seashore!

Drea said...

I found you via the babywearer! what a beautiful carrier and ur art is gorj!