Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not much

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Is new around here. Little blee is still pretty sick and needing to be held/ carried constantly. This is wear my baby carriers are coming in extra handy. Especially two shouldered. I wouldn't have anything done if it wasn't for them.

I'm feeling a total creative block at a very bad time. I really want to make some new pieces for my show but I am just not feeling it. I did manage to list this piece and this one
from last month in my Etsy shop
that I have been neglecting terribly. I've been neglecting most everything these days. I'm not really depressed I am just blah if that makes any sense. Okay maybe I am a little depressed because of life circumstances with my sick friend and family drama but it is different from my normal bouts of depression.

I should probably start getting ready for bed now. I'm starting to worry that whatever I gave blee is coming back to me. *Ugh* Either that or I am just plain tired after caring for a sick baby.

I need a better title please help


mizu designs said...

hang in there marissa the creative block will go when it's ready

Carrie Schafer said...

I am a fellow member (jewelry) and love your work. I, too, have had bouts of creative blocks since my son was born 2 years ago. Just let it happen! You are taking care of a sick little baby, and that's hard. Give yourself a break! Your work is gorgeous and you will make up for lost time when the creative opportunity presents itself.
--Carrie Schafer, Original Hardware

Sarah Niemela said...

Awww...A sick baby is no fun! Looks like you also got sick! Yuck! Hope you all are feeling better!