Friday, March 28, 2008

Something good please!

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This is simple right?

Give me something good. Make me smile any way you think would work.

Here is my first attempt at digital art that I think is work showing. Selling? No way. Printing out and displaying? Certainly not! But it is worth showing that I am indeed making progress with my new digital tablet. This is actually from a sketch that I have had for years but never got to turning into a print as it would take a lot more time than this.

This took me around ten minutes. Well, fifteen if you include me digging through old sketches looking for it.

I'm hoping for a good weekend. Planning on getting out and getting my nose repierced, an idea I have been toying with for ages. I did it myself when I was fifteen and then removed it for the parents of my now husband. I regret it. Just a little stud not a ring, rings don't suit me.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks to everybody for the support through this difficult time. Hopefully I can transfer that support onto my friends.

Tonight I will make mac and cheese for a friend I don't see nearly enough and her new boy. This is good.

This post was blogged with a wiggling blee on my lap. She says hello.


mizu designs said...

Hi there Marissa. The nose ring sounds like something you have to do. Hey the digital art piece has lovely colours. I don't think I know what a tablet is. Does it have photoshop or illustrator in it?

Brooke said...

I love this sketch! I favorited (?) it on flickr. :)

Can't wait to see your new nosering!

Becca said...

I want very much to make you smile. I suggest, though it's a little ridiculous, making faces at yourself in the mirror. I do this. It helps me. Or you could just smile at yourself.

You're a beautiful woman. Your work is beautiful. blee is adorable, pics of her always make me smile. (and I need to smile lately)

I don't know if that worked. I'm sorta in need of cheering. Keep hoping. :)