Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Exercise is Color

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Good night and good morning. I am off to bed as soon as I post this. Blogging before bed seems to be the best time for me.

In case you missed it yesterday I am running a Studio Sale in my Etsy Shop in honor of spring cleaning. Clean up my studio and clean up my shop to make room for new pieces like this one and of course plenty of collages and other fresh goodies. Nothing is over $50 so if you have been coveting a piece for awhile it is worth checking out.

Mysterious Face

Now What?

This is the piece that I was going for when I printed so many weeks ago. But the blue from prior printings kept tainting the white. Nothing I did could get it out completely. So I ended up with my lunch bags and other goodies. My idea was to do layers of white and add tiny bits of color each layer to come up with a very subtle and I think beautiful piece. It was a lot harder than it sounds. But I am happy with the result. The digital image can't measure up to the original even more than my other pieces.

I've decided that some good goals for me to set is to try to print (Gocco, monotype or relief), cut paper for collages, intensively draw and make collage(s) at least once a week. If I do the minimum and only do one of each that leaves me with three free days. This seems very doable to me. Productive, yet sane and fairly low pressure. I will still try my best to sketch and document my sketches daily but I want one day a week where I do nothing artistically but draw. I think it is also getting to be about time for me to think about starting a new woodblock carving. It has been awhile.


Jessica Torrant said...

I think it's great to set reasonable goals so you don't end up overwhelmed or feeling like you didn't accomplish all you wanted (who can with a mile long to do list, right?). I'm taking your words as inspiration to do some thinking about what sort of reasonable goals I can set out for myself - as far as time painting, online, etc. Thanks for that!

And I hope your sale goes well! :)

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Thanks Jessica! So far it is going well which is good because I need to raise some funds for a few things. And I really do need to clean house a bit to make room for new work.

I like my revamped goals. Goals that I think I can even manage with a teething baby. As long as I put her first everything just falls into place even if we have the occasional very bad awful day. With this system I can afford that.