Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cancer Sucks!

I had a blog post focusing on these two drawings that I plan on turning into Gocco prints for collage started, but never got to finishing it.

Then Jon came hold and told me that he had bad news. That a friend of ours has colon cancer, he's 38 years old and has three small children.

I deleted my original posting and started over.

I'm at a loss about what to say now I am so stunned and sad. Jon is over there now. Prayers/ good vibes/ whatever you have would be great. Their youngest is one and a half years old. Their oldest boy is six.

Speaking of cancer before all this unfolded I went to a mom's group I had never been to and one of the moms I ended up talking with is a Neurologist specializing in brain tumors and epilepsy. Needless to say she was interested in my story and I was interested in her line of work. She said that sadly other than surgical advances very little has changed in the last thirty years for brain tumor treatment.

I want to go to sleep now. It is really hard to be productive when your mind wanders to some very real and close to home troubles.

Plus the neighbors are smoking and making something ridiculously stinky. I think it might be pot. They are always smokers but it rarely filters into our place like this. It's giving me a headache.


Ellen Shipley said...

That's so sad. We seldom lose our friends at a young age, so when it happens, it's all the more tragic.

On the hopeful side, they can do things about colon cancer these days. I'll pray that his case is one of the promising ones.

[Hug dear]

Hilda said...

Oh dear. Prayers for your friend and his family. I agree, cancer sucks big time (I'm helping take care of a friend who has lung cancer.)

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

whoa whoa whoa Ellen he's not dead, he's sick. Lets not go jumping to conclusions please. We don't even know how bad it is yet.

Hilda, how is your friend with lung cancer?

Cicada Studio said...

It's important to have close friend's during this time. He will be so happy you are there for him and his family. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marissa,
Speaking as a cancer survivor, don't write off your friend already!! This is not the time for mourning. I found that when you are diagnosed with cancer you are sidelined from life--I'm sure psychologists can explain it. What people under the cloud of cancer need is to be included and treated like they are still alive and important like they always were. The treatments are bad enough--being shunned or mourned while living is an added misery. I'll bet he'll survive and you've done a good thing rallying people to hope and pray for his survival!!
Lynn Allison Starun

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I certainly am praying for his survival and have not written him off. I would never do that as the daughter of a cancer surviver myself. She's dead now but she did live 16 years after being given six months after her surgery to remove a brain tumor nearly 30 years ago.

I hope I didn't give the impression that I think he will die, I'm just scared but I know he is still young and strong and has so much to live for.

I'm happy to hear from survivors.

Anonymous said...

Marissa, your friend will definitely be in my prayers. As a former nurse (is there such a thing?:), sometimes these things happen that are absolutely life-altering but life takes on a new dimension. An event such as this makes us all realize that we must treasure the ones we love and each day that we are given. The love and support of good friends at a time like this really does make all the difference, it's not about having the right words but just by being there.
It's such a shock when something like this happens, best of luck to your friend.

Caroline said...

I hope your friend's recovery goes as smoothly as possible. Sending positive thoughts his way (and yours!)

stilettoheights said...

my thoughts are with you and your friend, hang in there and if you need to talk let me know.


tatsuko said...

My mom beat colon cancer at the age of 68 and was cancer free for her last 10 years of life :) So your friend will be around for a good long time! Good vibes sent your way to pass onto your friend...