Thursday, February 14, 2008


View from my relaxing chair
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No Valentine's Day chocolate for me please, but feel free to send hugs and kisses to miss blee.

I started feeling bad with a sore throat on Tuesday night, but I pushed on and ignored it because I had a new desk to set up and a studio to re-organize.

And I do have a wonderful and well organized work station. I also have a runny nose, headache, muscle ache, sore throat and a fever. I caught it from Jon who caught it from his dad when we saw them in New Haven. Thankfully the only hint of it in blee has been a slight cough. She's behind me right now in her bouncy chair inspecting one of her toys.

This reminds me a lot of last years three month illness, but thankfully without the throwing up.

I am going to go relax in my comfy chair while supervising blee and hoping she doesn't need lots of holding today as I don't have the strength. She's a tough kid. Tougher than her parents. Hope everybody is doing better than we are over here.

Yesterday we missed the perfect mother/ daughter sling moment. Jon was gone but on his way home and she fell asleep cuddled up in our cotton pouch. For about forty minutes she napped against my chest all snuggled up in the sling while I relaxed on the sofa. She woke up and I had to use the bathroom less than five minutes before Jon got home. I would have loved a picture of that moment. It was so precious.

fierce blee

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Kellybot said...

Mwah to blee!! Happy v-day.

Beadsme said...

What a cute bubs.