Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No cake for you!

mr cow?
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Even though she is four months old today.

This is blee in her fancy smancy Baby Bjorn bouncy chair that a friend loaned to us indefinitely. I remember seeing it on Amazon before seeing it at her house and scoffing at the $100 pricetag. For a friggin bouncy chair I said to myself! And it doesn't even vibrate. And with the sleek design I just thought it was designed more for parents than kids.

Boy was I wrong. This thing is so much better than the standard Fisher Price one she had before. That was great but the vibration ate batteries and that got expensive even though it too was a handmedown and they are only $30 new. And she killed that bouncy chair as we watched it bow under her weight. And it honestly didn't bounce all that well. If it didn't vibrate it was pretty useless. So we kept shoving batteries in it.

This one on the other hand sways at every move and she has even learned to control the bounces by kicking her right leg. And she loves the bear. With four inclines including folding flat for storage and travel if I had to buy this I would. Man, I feel like such an uber yuppie for saying that. But I am very glad that I didn't have to buy it!

activity center

She did get a gift for her monthday. This activity center that I put together yesterday. Cursing up a storm the whole time. Evil, I tell you evil! It was given to us by one of Jon's co-workers but sent to the downtown office where it sat for months. Since yesterday the city was dead we were able to find parking and cart it home. It looks like she could have tons of fun with it and that it should entertain her for years. That is what his co-worker said about it. An awesome gift even if putting it together was a nightmare.

Anyhow, I hope everybody is having a great start to 2008. I am hoping it is better than 2007 big picture and small picture personally. It was a rather horrifying year in many ways and personally it was pretty terrible for me except for her of course.

Back to work while she naps!

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Cheers! Here's to a great 2008!