Friday, December 28, 2007

Time to reinvent

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Myself. I'm playing around with my craft a lot. I figure that when I am batting over 90% success rate printing it is time to try something different, something that offers a challenge. I have a bunch of goodies ready for the finishing touch of block printing but I doubt I will have a block of time large enough until this weekend. I may have it tonight, but most likely I will be too tired. As is usually the case on weekdays. Printing during the week is risky because it has often caused me to stay up too late and that is not good for me.

folding laundry

Yesterday I, and then Jon, gave blee quite a workout. Putting her on her tummy and then rewarding her by smiling, encouraging her and clapping when she held her head up. It works really well and she is getting quite good at pushing that big old head up. And you would have a hard time doing it too if your head represented nearly 1/3 of your body weight! We also worked on rolling and she actually did it, when Jon got home she managed a roll. Then two more before giving up to exhaustion.

So proud!

I need to get running. Sweetestpea from Etsy is coming over for brunch around noon. I haven't seen since I was eight months pregnant. I have many things to do before she gets here.

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