Saturday, December 08, 2007

Printing? Hah!

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Too much housework babycare to do. Always.

Not a full day behind the HappyLight could get me feeling happy today. I thought today could be a me day. But not when the clothes are piled up, we (I) need to go through her clothes and separate stuff that no longer fits or doesn't fit yet or is weather inappropriate, dishes, vacuuming and lunch needs to be made.

It is not that he hasn't watched her and played with her but unlike me he isn't able to multitask and get stuff done while doing it. Watching a sports show while holding her isn't as helpful as carrying her in the sling and vacuuming.

I had high hopes for this weekend, but what is the point anyhow. Maybe I should be like those mothers that stop doing art/ making stuff when they have a baby.


The Aesthetic Elevator said...

Honey, you seem to get a whole lot done in the realm of art as it is. Cut back, maybe. Stop altogether, don't think of it!

m.Lee said...

I think about it sometimes (shutting down my shop and just stopping) but I just can't seem to DO it. I can't get it out of my mind. There is always a million things to do I sometimes feel like I am going to implode.

I tried listening to some relaxing music while rocking in my glider chair (with the busted ottoman thanks to the dog who I don't like) and it just didn't help.

Jon took the baby out for a walk in the fleece pouch so chances are she will come back sleeping. But I am trying to get her to sleep in her crib and I find he is not helpful as he gives into her faster than I do. Yesterday I had her sleeping in her crib for over two and a half hours. Today nothing. He picked her up after four minutes of crying.

She cannot sleep in the bouncy chair forever!

pyglet said...

It gets easier as they grow. The naps get condensed and more plan-able, then they even start to play a bit on their own so that both of you will be able to 'make' together.

Really glad you can't get to shutting your shop down.

Anonymous said... do not sound happy. I'm sooo sorry. I wish that I could take some of the strain off. Purhaps you can just take one day out of the week and set it aside for your art. That way you can take care of everything else. When I say one day it means just 15mins to an hr. or however long you would like. That would help but please don't give up on your art dear. It's wonderful! *HUGS*

Shannon said...

Dont give up your art. It is real important for you. As blee grows older she will (but will never admit it to you) be impressed and proud of her mom. I was such a give all the time. Had to have everything done all the time, etc. etc. Now looking back (I am kinda an oldie) I see that this stuff isnt as important, it will always be there. What is soooo more important to you, your baby, and your husband is for you to be content.

Hope this wansnt too long. My heart just went out to you. Take care of yourself:)

m.Lee said...

Thanks. I did some organizing and cleaning in preperation of printing and that kind of helped me calm down and find my center. I'm actually a bit nervous about printing for fear that my mood will cause me to mess up.

Don't worry I won't be throwing in the towel just yet. I can't even though I think about it all the time. I also think about art all the time and actually pretty much still do art daily. One of the reasons why I wanted to print so much is that I have four new blocks to print that I did in the past week or two. Plus I have been playing with my washi.

But it just never feels like I do enough.

clarelittle said...

Aww you poor baby, I think alot of us know exactly how you feel!
So you are not alone one bit. If I were close by, I'd come help you out. I am a cleaning lady who sees families and other people who can;t get a grip and gives them respite from their hell at least twice a month!
Maybe you can find a nice cleaning lady? after 10 years, I am worth every penney to people!

clarelittle said...

p.s. give up the dog, I love em too, but the relief you will feel is enormous

m.Lee said...

awww I can't give up the dog no matter how much she frustrates me. I don't know what would happen to her and that would kill any relief that I could possibly feel.

She loves us.

We had a cleaning lady that we splurged on after the baby was about two months old. She did a really good job the first time and then pulled a no show three times. The last two times were in a row so I had to fire her. What a pain.