Thursday, December 27, 2007


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Happy Thursday! Hope everybody had a nice Christmas. Ours started out nice and quiet but ended pretty poorly. It was great to be around family and not have to deal with a long stressful drive, just an easy hour and a half drive to RI to see my aunt and her family. But the visit ended stressful with blee totally freaking out. We are pretty certain that she is allergic to evergreens. Her first allergy. Neither one of us have allergies, but I have it in my family. She had been at there house before with no problems, the tree was the only difference. Normally when she gets upset we are able to help her. Feed her, change her or simply holding her will calm her. But the only thing that calmed her was leaving. We will talk to her pediatrician about it on Monday and hopefully confirm. She got spots on her forehead and that isn't a good sign that this was just a fluke. This isn't a huge deal since I have never had a real tree and Jon only had one once. But it probably means we will never be able to spend Christmas with them again.

And we are such dopes we took no pictures of her! They got a couple of shots that we are waiting on, but nothing by the tree. It just didn't occur to us until it was too late.

The best Christmas moment for me was going on a walk around their quiet woodsy area with wide streets with my aunt and uncle with blee strapped to me in her fleece pouch. She slept the entire way and eventually I took my over-sized orange hoodie and zipped it up completely over her, even her head. I looked hugely pregnant again and carrying very high. Wonder if this is what the woman in Siberia that had teh 17lb baby girl looked like before giving birth.

It was so nice that I wore her the same way during my trip to the doctor yesterday. It was the only thing that made the trip bearable. I didn't want to bring the stroller in the snow, but she needed a place to sit during the visit so I had no choice. I put the diaper bag in it. Sure enough I would be going along fine and then run into a poorly dug out patch of snow and have to pick up the stroller and carry it over. It actually wasn't a big deal with just the bag in it, but with her that isn't easy. And my back never hurt. And I just love being close to her. She was awake much of the trip home smiling up at me and looking around in wonder.


Much new art complete and getting uploaded and listed and even more being made. I'm getting ready for another big printing session this weekend. Weekends are really the only time for me to print. When she goes down at night during the week I have time, but am too tired.

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