Friday, December 21, 2007

List? Who needs a stinkin List?

Poppies at Nightfall - ACEO
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Flowers in Her Hair- ACEO

Spring Poppies - ACEO

Lady in Red - ACEO

Not me! At least not always. Sometimes I just need to do what I need to do. In truth I made up my seven things up yesterday as usual and then promptly decided that I needed a day to "slack". Slacking in my case is rather relative. I spent the day either playing with, holding or slinging blee while she was awake. Pretty typical for me, but the difference is that I didn't pressure myself to do anything else. No blogging, no Etsy, no cleaning other than up after myself. It was grand.

By the time night came I had energy to do all those things I had put off. The moral of this tale is that tasks lists are great, being organized is great. But sometimes one just needs to take a breather.


Also, apparently I am becoming a bit of an ACEO diva. I am fine with this since they are fun to make and easy to ship. Getting to the Post Office with baby in tow in this weather is a big challenge. Having something simple is great. And the washi paper and now gold leaf too are so much fun.


The Aesthetic Elevator said...

A good friend here in town has been all into the art card trading the last year or so.

I think the P.O. will pick things up for you if you call ahead, although I'm not certain as I've never used this service.

m.Lee said...

Call the PO! You should be a comedian! I had to do that once and it was a nightmare. Never did talk to a real person.

You can arrange pickup with PP shipping but you have to go priority and I think priority is a scam unless one is sending or getting a larger package.

ainesse said...

good for you..........I mean kind of taking a day off !!!