Sunday, December 09, 2007

And Now for something completely different

Veronica Mars?
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Dear Veronica Mars,

You suck! (not Kristin Bell personally but the show itself)

I don't write about this but my husband and I are actually pretty into TV. We are not talking about Dancing with the Stars or the crap that vastly dominates the airwaves. (sorry Jenn I know how you love your trash TV). I am talking about shows like the Wire, Arrested Development (may it rest in piece), Freaks and Geeks (ditto), Lost and News Radio. Quality TV that is sometimes as good or even better than movies. I can't think of any movie at the moment that tops season four of the Wire. And I have seen a lot of freaking good movies.

Watching TV is not a bad thing and it doesn't mean that we don't read either. But you do have to be fairly discriminating. And with Veronica Mars I feel we were mislead. Not just by a handful of well meaning friends but by critics. I can see why it never really caught on and did well, it isn't nearly as smart as it thinks it is. At least the dumb shows that are popular actually know that they are dumb. But the people making this show thought they were so clever that this would be the new Buffy. Yeah, maybe after Buffy jumped the shark. But even then it was overall better than this.

This show is totally overrated and I don't know how it made it to a second and third season. It started out fairly strong but got worse as it continued with so many clinches and subplots leading to nowhere. And then at the very end when they had to finally wrap up the actual plot that probably could have been told in five or six episodes if she wasn't off rescuing dogs they suddenly got back on track and stuck with the whole point of the season for the final two episodes.

And in the end after the mystery of who killed her slutty best friend was solved I was left going "meh".

While it certainly isn't the worst show ever it is not something that I would recommend to anybody. The worst part about it is that people that normally have pretty good taste like it.

There, I got that off of my chest now I can get back to normal.

This is how I play

Saturday night I stayed up past 2am printing and planned on finishing up some pieces on Sunday. That did not happen. In fact a whole lot of nothing happened on Sunday. Not very happy with that but hopefully I will be more productive during the week. I did get some orders packed and shipped and of course plenty of quality time with blee but more or less I have been pretty much checked out today. Wanting to work on art but not being able to get up and do it and then feeling bad about not doing it. It is a vicious cycle.

I used up all the art cards I had with the washi for printing so maybe I will get out my tiny exacto and see what I can do with it. I am learning what works and what doesn't. Big complex patterns in the center of the card does not work. Stuff off to the side or at the bottom or top is much better.


Bee said...

I think I watched the first ten minutes of the very first Veronica Mars show and turned it OFF. I agree with you on that one.

stilettoheights said... my defense the only shows I watch are Heroes and Dancing With The Stars...oh and The Office.


Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

I agree with you about the Wire!!!
can't wait for the next season.
Never watched Veronica Mars and I guess I haven't missed much.

GrayEyedScorpio said...

I agree with the shows you deem worthy--but we can only watch online or DVD. No channels in our house since 1996.

m.Lee said...

I am so excited about the Wire coming back, but annoyed that it will only be ten episodes. We have seasons one and two and want all of them.

I am also excited about the Extras special finale this coming Sunday.

I don't know how we swung this but we get HBO for free. Not cable, but HBO.

And I miss Rome.

It's okay Jenn, where else would you get your material?

Terri said...

I have never watched Veronica Mars and don't plan to! But Lost, I LOVE that show and I can't wait for it to be back on (in what, 3 more yrs? ;))
Arrested Development ruled, I got to watch David Cross every Sunday. My parenst love the Wire, I've only seen a few episodes but it looked good.

Becca said...

I saw a part of one Veronica Mars. I didn't like it, but I couldn't tell you why because I don't really know.

Anyway, I think your washi cards/prints are exceptionally beautiful. I want all of them. :)