Sunday, November 04, 2007

ZOMG baby!

Liz and Blee
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I swear that is the look on my friend's face.

This is not FedEx.

This is Liz, she was my best friend in college. Since college we have gone back and forth a lot through some serious growing pains. On Friday night her girlfriend buzzed me claiming to be FedEx. When I got downstairs and saw this girl I didn't recognize that certainly didn't look like she was from FedEx I was a bit bewildered. Then Liz popped out from behind the door. Typical Liz. Did I mention that she lives in Cleveland?

We stopped speaking after some drama over two years ago and then she text messaged me a few months ago at the end of my pregnancy. This time I responded and told her I was pregnant. She told me that she was in court fighting for custody.

"wait, my lesbian friend beats me to having a kid?"

No, joking yet again. Fighting a traffic ticket. Oh yeah, she likes to speed.

Fast forward a couple of months after I have the baby and send her pictures yadda yadda I get an email asking for my address so she could send something to the baby.

She got me good! Reminds me of how when we lived down the hall from each other and would meet up at the elevator before going out she would hide in the utility closet next to it and jump out at me.

My dad and his crew (including my little sister) are here until Tuesday. I'm kinda stressed. But thinking back on this fun little surprise helps. And so does seeing my sister. I wish she was here and not at a hotel.


Cathy said...

wow - that's quite a surprise! and it must be true friendship to stand the test of time...

stilettoheights said...

that's a great surprise, I would just die if one of my bff's arrived from NH like that.

hope having her there helped ease some of the family stress.

Vieiragirl said...

It is good to receive a surprise from an old friend they tend to remind you of who you are and how much life has changed. An old friend knows the good and the bad and still loves you at the end of the day!

m.Lee said...

It was a busy but a very good weekend all and all.

My father and I didn't have a single problem the whole time. And his wife eventually mellowed with the backseat parenting when she realized that I wasn't going to listen.

I mean this woman said that she fed my sister for 9 months on exclusively pumped breast milk using a HAND PUMP!

Impossible. Her hands would be crippled if she did that. Her memory is totally messed up. My dad rented her a hospital pump for months.

I swear she really believes that Sara never even cried. And she certainly seems to think that all babies should be exactly the same, that is like hers.