Monday, November 19, 2007

Taking it easy Monday

Misery is a Butterfly
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Well not totally, but after the full weekend we had we aren't going anywhere tonight. We have stuff for food and Veronica Mars season 1 on DVD to watch so we aren't budging.

So far the show is pretty good, but there are certainly some holes here and there that I pick up on. And some of the cheesy is good, some not so good. Through the flashbacks it doesn't seem like she got a personality until her life got totally turned upside down. She got that and a haircut.

Between seeing friends, a mouse in our bathroom, church, picking up a replacement bouncy chair that I wish was for me and running far too many errands all three of us came home exhausted on both Saturday and Sunday. blee has been to her first noisy bar. She slept in her carseat on the floor the entire time we were there, it wasn't too long but it was impressive. Of course as soon as we got away from all the noise and were leaving that is when she woke up.


I've figured out slinging and both of us are loving it. At this time the adjustable fleece pouch is the one for us. I just slide her into it, put a hat on her and go for walks. She comes back totally asleep. And after car trips I give dad's back a break by picking her up and carrying her home in the sling instead of him dragging in the infant seat. She loves it and so does my back.

I'm going to do some light studio cleaning as I finish my coffee then do some carving. I'm working on another good sized block, the other side of the "crazy block" actually. It is a very loose unplanned piece.

Have a great Monday!


stilettoheights said...

I am loving your new hair marissa!!!

sounds like a very full weekend!!

Amity said...

Adorable picture. :D

Hey I "tagged" you in my most recent blog post (check it out for details on how to play)!

Lots of love girlie xxx xxx