Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't Let Her Fool You

Seven Weeks
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She's no angel today. Blee was an absolute nightmare this morning starting around 5am and going until 11am (colic?) screaming and crying inconsolably but she is so worn out for it she has been down ever since. Thank heavens for that because it was killing us! Nothing like this has ever happened with her before, actually she has been getting better and better sleeping at night and then bam this happened. I sure do hope it isn't a sign of things to come.

Thanks for all the support on Friday. It helped a lot and meant even more to me. I will probably say more later but I need to get back to cleaning my studio while I still can. If I hadn't started feeling better I don't know how I would have been able to cope with this morning. Also, she hasn't needed even an ounce of formula since the soap incident on Wednesday. And I don't expect her to need any today. Hurrah!

In other news I my Photoshop challenged self actually made myself a snappy banner and changed the layout of my blog to go with it. I really am quite proud of it.

I also did something similar to my shop banner. While I really liked my old one I had it for over a year and felt that it was a time for a change. Had been itching for it for awhile. Now this begs the question, should I update my avatar? I have changed it around a bit in the past but nothing ever stuck. Thoughts?

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