Thursday, September 20, 2007

A change in plans

Insect Set
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
First I have two pieces here that are listed separately, but I would love it if they were displayed together. Very energetic and vibrant pieces showcasing a dragonfly and a butterfly. I really hope to print some new pieces with these blocks combined with the new block that I am working on this month. Maybe over the weekend?

Things are moving along. We have bumps in the road for sure as we get to know our baby and her needs but we are figuring them out.

One thing we are learning is she likes to eat, a lot. She woke up last night and we went into our routine of him changing her while I pumped in the other room. We gave her the entire 4oz and she seemed pretty chill after that. But would get fussy again after 5-10 minutes. This went on for awhile and eventually we kept giving her more and more milk and in the end she sucked down over 7oz before she finally went down around 3am. When she woke up again she took another four, and then 3 the next time. Aren't their stomachs supposed to be the size of golf balls where is it all going?

sleepy blee


I haven't had time for art other than some sketching I did before bed. It stinks but that is just how it is I guess. She is sleeping (finally) right now so I may work on carving a bit after posting this. But I also have some netflix to return that I would like to get in the post box before pickup at one. It only takes under 10 minutes to walk there and back but that can mean the difference between having some me time or not.

Jon's parents will not be coming today as we thought. They are coming next Thursday, which is probably better in the long run. This means that they will be around to help care for the baby (and us) when the JPOS is going on so my chances of actually being able to participate in the event just went up dramatically. And my stress level about it went down. I wish we had more family close to us. At least we have my aunt and her family in RI because they are great, but their pet allergies keep them from being able to go into our home. I'm really happy that my cousin was able to meet blee before she left for a semester in London and I hope to go to RI soon so her brother, who was working during their visit at the hospital, can meet her too.

My father is now talking about visiting in early October. I hope it happens. That would be a good time to head to RI, though since he is not planning on renting a car I don't know if that is going to work. We can't exactly fit four adults, one child and one baby in our Corolla.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your busy! There is no need for you to make art right now. We all understand. Your baby should come first. :) She's such a cutie! I hope that your father comes to visit as well! I know that this is an exciting time for you and it would be wonderful to share it with your father! :) *HUGS*

Space Oddities said...

She is so adorable.

Enjoy the "me time" that you can find and enjoy your baby girl!

stilettoheights said...

wow............what a hungry little girl!! I know what it's like to have no family close by, sometimes it seems like a wonderful blessing, others it's very isolating.

I am glad his parents will be there during open studios!!

m.Lee said...

Thanks for keeping up with me even though I am very behind on just about everything that doesn't revolve around the little princess. She rules this home for now. I'm looking forward to the day when she is old enough for me to say no to her. Can't really say no to feed me, hold me, change my poopy diaper.

janey said...

What a lovely family portrait. I haven't been visiting many blogs lately. Kitchen renovation has taken up most of my energy. I can see what most you're energy is focused on now. She's adorable.

ainesse said... goodness a baby ......your latest and one might say a major signature piece. My battery is about to go. My gosh she eats a lot. Love the name you have chosen for her.
Keep finding time to do your artwork girl...though it is tough. I have friends who did not and now they are miserable.

best wishes to all your babies


The Rocking Pony said...

Don't worry about getting behind. One of the things you learn as a mother is that you simply can't do everything. Enjoy your time with that little one because before you know it she'll be in school and you'll wonder where the time went.