Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tea Addiction

Honest Tea [2]
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I'm a huge fan of tea. One might even call me a tea junkie. Loose leaf and unsweetened tea hot or iced that I brew at home. But this summer I discovered the first bottled tea that isn't sickly sweet and have gone and gotten myself addicted. Honest Tea Peach Oo-la-long is like Peach Snapple without all the nasty high fructose corn syrup and with a real tea taste. It is just lovely. Plus it has Opus from Bloom Country on it! We were in the area of a grocery store that carries it so I popped by to pick up my Opus tea and the case that is covered with the Honest Tea branding was completely empty of any Honest Tea. It had some new brand in it with a cartoon granny labeled sweet tea instead. Sweet tea is evil. Had nearly three times the calories of good old Opus tea. So we went on a hunt for Opus and found him stocked that the Whole Foods in Alston/ Brighton. I bought every single bottle they had in stock. I'm still going to stick to drinking my home brewed unsweetened lychee tea most of the time but this is a nice treat.

I must clean my studio once I finish typing this entry. Yesterday at the library while I was photocoping images for the Gocco I met this nice Latino lady that appears to be some sort of an art agent. And she is very interested in checking out my work. I really can't say much because her accent was so thick I only understood about 50% of what she said to me. I nodded a lot. She seemed very excited to run into somebody that does woodcuts and that made her talk even faster and that did not help. I bet the whole time she was wondering why a nice Latino girl like myself would have a problem understanding her. I live in a Latino area and I have slightly dark skin with dark hair and eyes so people just assume that I am Latino. I'm not and I don't speak a lick of Spanish either.

The goccoing did not go well. I did everything with the photocopy by the book. I gave it some time to dry then I used a hairdryer on it for a few minutes. Used the blue filter and a backing card behind the image. I used the riso bulbs not the flash bulbs from Kmart. It burned, but the burn was just terrible. Only outlines of the image here and there got burned. Realizing that I have tried pretty much every method that is supposed to produce a master and failed I knew it just had to be bad screens. I called the company and they are sending me a new batch of screens and bulbs Priority Mail at no charge. So I am not done yet! I'm just on break for a few days.

Time to tidy up!
And I have nearly twenty packages to mail today. Thankfully many of them are in groups so it won't be quite so bad.


Anonymous said...

Your not alone! I love tea although I also drink some other things. Gotta have my water and cup of coffee in the morning. LOLOL Anyhoo great post!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I drink coffee a few times a week, usually on weekends. I also enjoy good rootbeer sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I use to drink Honest Tea and still see it now and then. It really is the best bottled tea. I like the peach too. I also look forward to the saying or proverb under the cap!

Good luck with your Gocco printing. I don't have one so can't offer any advice :)

I need to clean my basement studio first. But for now, I've set up shop at the kitchen table by the bay windows.

Bette Wappner

Andy English said...

For me, tea and printmaking are central to my day. Whether engraving is going well or not, a steaming mug of tea is an adornment to one's studio.

I love seeing your work.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

The Whole Foods had six bottles of the Peach Honest Tea and I bought them all. I should have gotten a bunch when the co-op had them on sale for a buck each. Now they don't even have them

I am a huge fan of hot tea too. There is a tea seller on Etsy that is pretty awesome. Teanoir.etsy.com

Thanks Andy!

Todd Camplin said...

When I was young I woke up every morning to a pot of tea that I share with my mother. In school, I made watercolor type images out of tea. It took a while for me to get a good brown, grey, and green color. Days of soaking tea leaves.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I didn't grow up drinking tea. Nobody in my family drinks it much other than the occasional cup of Liptons (blech). This is an addiction that started and developed in late college. First I started buying the fancy bagged teas and now I am on nothing but loose leaf.

I don't need to share my morning pot of tea with anybody since my husband turns his noes at tea.

Unknown said...

Lord its a must in our house to have at least one cup of earl grey a day...its so comforting.