Thursday, July 05, 2007

happy thoughts needed!

Spring Ginkgos
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Thanks to my wonderful pregnant body I have an early addition to this post. Before I get into anything else I just have to ask, why am I throwing up at 4am during the 8th trimester? I thought I was done with that hell! It was caused by and was nothing but stomach acid and it was just awful. Did I have a spicy meal for dinner? Is peanut butter and honey spicy? I had been awake on and off for hours with an itch in my throat and an upset stomach for hours when finally my body just couldn't take it. And the pain in the small of my back is unreal at night. Seriously body, thanks a friggin lot! I really appreciate all you are doing for me these past eight months. /gripe

I hope everybody had a great holiday if they had one and hopefully a day off of work at the very least! Really the only thing good about this holiday for me was that my husband was home with me and I like being around him.

I'm not all that into the forth of July or holidays in general really. But this one is probably one of my least favorites. Not just because I am not exactly proud of my country at this time but because I don't like the crowds, fireworks stopped doing anything for me when I was ten and I think it brings out the bad side of many people. And I can't even relax and enjoy a beer this year.

Last night a group of people across the street that are pretty well known for disturbing the area were lighting fireworks in the middle of the street for hours. A rather heavily trafficed street with lots of parked cars and houses. This kid would look for coming cars and if he saw none he would run out and place a firework int he middle of the narrow road. A number of times cars did appear and nearly ran over the firework! I called the cops but nothing happened of course. The lady on the phone was rude and kept insisting that the streets I gave her don't intersect. Yes, they do. I live on the corner of both of them. She asked me to go outside and check the address of the ouse so I could give it to her. First off if I go outside I could get hit by the sparks from the fireworks and I don't think the huge crowd of people would take to kindly for me asking them to move so I can see the house number on their door. Fireworks bring out the stupid in people.

To top everything off there was a Red Sox game at Fenway this afternoon. We went to see the Transformers movie at the Fenway theater. Nothing like drunk Sox fans at one in the afternoon. When we were coming back to our car one of them was pissing between our car and the one next to it. If a pregnant lady can hold it despite having a four pound weight pressing against her bladder so can this guy! There was so much piss by the drivers side (but not on the car thankfully) that Jon had to crawl through the passenger side to get in.

The Transformers movie actually wasn't that bad. That isn't true, it was bad but it knew it was bad and that really did help it out. At no point did it ever even attempt to take itself seriously. So it was stupid but overall I enjoyed it. Kinda like 300, just a bunch of dumb but action filled eye candy. I didn't go in expecting much so I couldn't be disappointed.

I carved a stamp with the white stamp material and Speedball cutting tool when we got home and while the stamp turned out pretty well I don't want to use that material anymore. It is just too crumbly. The stamp feels like it could break in half so easily. A non vital corner already chipped off. I'm going to stick with the more expensive pink kind for any future stamps. I would like to find a better source for it since it is not cheap at the Dick Blick store and they don't offer it bulk (or at all) on their website. I also made more stickers and probably will today too.

To counter my rather nasty mood I am placing this happy piece with its bright and bold fauvist colors. I'm really loving how flexible my ginkgo block is to printing in various sizes.

I see a different midwife tomorrow because mine will be out of town. Jon wants to come with so he can hear the heartbeat again and I am always thrilled to have him with me. I hope he puts together my oh so comfy glider chair tomorrow! My poor hips and ankles could really use it.


stilettoheights said...

are you feeling better today???

we are going to see transformers on Sunday, I expect it to be loud and big....that's about it so I am pretty sure I won't be let down.

katie landon said...

I feel for you... I've never had a baby, but my lovely younger sister gave birth to her first 2 months ago- & just seeing what she was going through... gulp. But now she has a beautiful little pumpkin of a girl!

& I'm in concurrence about the whole 4th of July thing, it stopped being exciting many, many years ago (for me). I saw a hotdog eating contest on the news & wanted to puke. (Sorry if the mention of it makes you ill.) I really hope you missed it! I was just pleased to have my boyfriend home for the day.

(part of Transformers was filmed here in DC- pop culture side note) ;>

MewPaperArts said...

for heaven's can't get a break can you? I think though, that Blee is going to come out with angel wings and sleep through the night her first night home!

m.Lee said...

The acid went away after I puked it all up last night. But now it is back. I really want a cup of coffee but I fear that might make it worse. I'm not in danger of puking at this moment it is just this horrible burning in my chest and throat. I took two xantax about 20 minutes ago when it started.

Jenn Transformers is loud, big and oh so cheesy. All the girls are uber hot with dewy lips and sexy eyes and unless they are in the military all the guys are not. I didn't want to save the humans all that much while watching it.

I could have done without the redsox fan peeing between the cars.

Nina Kuriloff said...

I like your print very much!


MyUtopia said...

Yuck! Hope you are feeling better.

Starry Designs said...

Feel better, Marissa! Sending good thoughts!

b'oki. said...

i like your gingko print! the peanut butter is the culpit i'm sure - plus with the baby pressing against every living organ, it can push things upward ...and out! with both pregnancies i had terrible indigestion about this time. i'm feelin' for ya. hey...our son said that next to Spiderman, Transformers is now his favorite movie :) Be well!
Bette Wappner (From Baren)