Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Night Special Sale!

Art Goodies
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Is going on now in my shop!

This month as been all about setting goals, meeting them and then setting new ones. Thanks to all my lovely buyers I beat my original goal of reaching 500 sales on Monday. Now my new goal is to double the number of sales I had last month. Pretty ambitious I know, but I am only a few sales away from this goal after the day I had yesterday.

Here is the deal. See these lovely ACEOs and Pocket Mirrors? They are all $1 off in my shop. Not just the ones pictured here but all of them. Any size or type of mirror. No limit on how many items you can buy with the discount. The price isn't marked so be sure to put in SNS $1 in the notes to seller and wait for me to send you an invoice. If you see anything in this picture or on my Flickr site that is not listed on Etsy yet that you are interested in please let me know and if I have it I will put it up for you with the discount. Sale runs from now until 8am Sunday morning.

If I don't make this goal I will be truly heartbroken. No, not really but it would certainly be cool to pull this off!

Hope everybody has a fantastic weekend!


Circular Accessories said...

I love your work! LOVE it and I think the pocket mirrors was a great idea for another way to show it off. They should be selling like hot cakes.

m.Lee said...

Thank you! I love them.

Anonymous said...

Wooo what wonderful work you do! I absolutely love them! The ACEO's are outstanding! The mirrors are great as well. Not only will people that buy them have a lil piece of art. On the other side they will have a mirror. Wonderful work!

stilettoheights said...

i had a lousy sns..did you do well?? I hope you did, and once again so many congrats on your goals this month!

m.Lee said...

I had two sales, but not until the morning so I did not make my June goal. Oh well. It was the third version of my goal because I made the other two I just kept setting the bar higher. And it is not like I did poorly.