Monday, June 18, 2007

Pregnancy brain strikes again

Ginkgos in Red and Brown
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Hope everybody had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good overall, but rather uneventful. I never did go driving because by the time the roads cleared I was too tired and so was Jon. He has been doing lawn work. Our lawn may only be 3' deep but it is 3' of weeds that need to be cleared out!

Saturday night and during the day on Sunday I forced myself to sketch and even carve. Nothing spectacular to say the least is coming out at the moment and at first I just found myself staring blankly at the paper with no clue what to draw. But slowly I am working to clear the cobwebs out of my creative brain. Creativity is something that I need to exercise on a regular basis, the longer I go without it the harder it becomes to get back into it.

My spaced out pregnant brain certainly isn't helping things. Last night I was looking through my Flickr photosets and I came across this image some twenty pieces deep in my main collection of woodblock prints. It has been on Flickr and my website since mid april and yet it was totally lacking on Etsy. And I really like it too and have no clue why I would ignore it. I don't know how I missed this one, and it isn't alone. I have at least two more that I never put up even on Flickr! Needless to say I quickly added it to the section I have in my shop for mid-size
work. Frankly that area could really use some new pieces so I am pleased to have some "new" work to add to it.

I can't say that I am all that enthusiastic about listing stuff in my little shop right now with things not appearing in categories for hours, even days. I mean for heaven's sake the mirror I listed yesterday afternoon still hasn't shown up! While I know there are lots of other ways to be found, that is a big one that is currently missing. On Friday it wasn't working but it was working Saturday so it seems like some progress on fixing the site has backtracked. It is frustrating because I do have quite a few mirrors left to list and now these found prints to list and getting seen is all the harder. These things happen, especially on a new site so I am not complaining too much but I hope it gets fixed sooner rather than later.

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