Friday, June 22, 2007

Baby Appointment

And I am heading off to see my mid-wife in a few moments. This means I get to hear the babies heartbeat yet again and that little connection really means a lot to me. Especially since I missed my last appointment and couldn't get in for over a month. I should be going every two weeks at this point, but forgetting that one appointment really messed things up. Everything seems perfectly normal and good at this point so it isn't a big deal. But I am not missing this one for sure!

I am going to try and see if I can get another ultrasound since the only image I have is the one from what I call the "wad of chewing gum". When we had the last ultrasound the images were very detailed but their printer was broken!

She's kicking more and more every day. We're starting to get anxious to meet her.

My new camera finally shipped on Wednesday or Thursday. I got the email saying it shipped yesterday but the money came out of my account on Wednesday night. I don't think they can take the money until the item ships can they? It doesn't really matter since it is on its way now!

Jon and I watched the Picasso episode of the Power of Art Wednesday and it was just as enjoyable as the Van Gogh episode. I'm really wanting to own that series now. It looks like Caravaggio is next on Monday.

In other news while I have been longing to go back to Cedar Point amusement park all summer now I don't think I ever want to ride a roller coaster again!

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