Sunday, December 10, 2006

Maple Leaves Block
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Maple leaves are something that I have been wanting to work with for awhile now, but I always found myself getting sidetracked. Going to Annie Silverman's open studio and seeing some of the beautiful things she did with leaf patterns inspired me to finally get to this project. This is one of my new 30"x20" blocks. The 20"x30" woman is going to have to sit on the backburner for a little while now that I am working on this one. Finishing this block should come first since I believe it will make a great background block for her as well as many of my other blocks. I also got two 16"x20" blocks to use not as pattern blocks but as key blocks for more large scale work. I am going to keep doing the smaller pieces, but my focus is going into larger works. Now if only I had access to a large format scanner.

I opened up Flickr this morning and in my contacts photostream there was my face looking back at me! This (now former) Flickr contact had taken one of my photographs and turned it into a digital painting without asking for my permission first. I don't think I am expecting too much wanting that. I told him to take it down and while he did he protested about it the whole time because he had worked hard on it. Well, he probably should have thought and asked me before working so hard on something stolen. If he had asked and hadn't stolen it I probably would have said yes.

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