Saturday, September 09, 2006

Calm Waters
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recently listed

I just put this one up on Etsy after not listing for two days. I have plenty to list I just was too busy making art to worry about Etsy things. For now my 6"x6" prints are going to stay around $30, but next month I am going to raise them to $35 and up. I have already raised my prices on my larger works and it is about time that I start charging more for my work. I feel very good about this decision.

Thursday I finished carving the fern block, yesterday I finished carving the flower block and I even finished the kittens that I started right before my deep depression. They are a gift to a friend. I have a pretty busy weekend, but I am going to try and get to printing by Monday.


Kelly Darke said...

Hi Marissa -
the drawings on my blog are by my brother Colin Darke - he and his wife are living is Boston right now - some of my work is on my website, including some prints. I don't have any woodblock prints, but some using linoleum blocks... the carving is hard enough to keep in control on the soft linoleum - I haven't practiced enough on wood... but i love the whole print making process - especially etchings - I have been considering getting a small student grade printing press, but not sure....
good luck with your art! keep me posted about new work.

Colin Darke said...

Hey Marrisa,
We will definitely have to help each other figure out the Boston market. I will keep you posted on an items of interest if you promise to do the same.
Also, I really want to learn more about woodblock printing--do you have any books that you would recommend?
Thanks for the kind comments and keep creating beautiful work.

m.Lee said...

I certainly will Colin. This weekend is the Boston South End Open Market and Open studios. I will have a booth at the Market. Since Open Studios is a big day for art I am hoping it will be good for me. Feel free to drop by. I will let you know how it goes.

The final weekend of the month is the Jamaica Plain Open Studios, which I will be participating in. I will be showing at the Brewery. Another big local art day.

I don't know when exactly, but the Roxbury Open Studios are sometime in October I believe.