Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hopefully these will inspire me

Takach Specialty Brayers
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This weekend was a pretty uninspired weekend. While I did get some printing done I am not feeling all that enthusiastic about it. I need to try something new and challenging, maybe take a little break from strictly doing woodcuts. I am expecting this set of mini brayers in this week and am planning on playing around more with monotype printing. Monotypes are very challenging for me so this should be interesting. I need to keep on trying with them, they may be the challenge that I crave so much.

I have barely listed anything on Etsy. Nothing on Saturday but today I listed two pieces of art. One of them being a new poppies print. This time instead of being 6"x6" it is 10"x8"! My poppies are so popular I am curious about how this print will go over.

Poppies in the Field

Warm Tree

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