Monday, June 19, 2006

Being Productive / 200th Sale

Calm $30
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
for sale on Etsy

After being fatigued for quite awhile I had a burst of energy Saturday night. My husband had left for Australia for a month and I needed something to keep myself occupied, so I printed for four hours. I ended up with a slew of prints to be proud of, this being one of them. The rest can be seen here. It was so great to play with all the colors using only three blocks in total to create such variety. Other than a custom print of an octopus that I need to make I am done printing for a little while and am going to focus on carving and sketching.

I got my 200th sale this morning! She bought two pocket mirrors and a print. She doesn't know it, but I am going to include something extra in her order. It seems like I was writing about my 100th sale only a short time ago.


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Shopaholic D said...

im in the same boat! i fully intended to make jewelry for several hours this weekend, but my friend visited from out of town, and when I finally had free time, I decided to wash/wax my car for 3 hours (hadn't done so in about a year, so it needed it) least I was productive, right? hehe :)