Friday, May 12, 2006


Wearable Art Pendant (Banyan Tree)
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
This pendant is on sale for $15 at my Etsy store.

I have two bits of news. One I will tell now, the other I am going to save for later. I have a wholesale order on my pendants of fifteen. We agreed on a price that is higher than I was willing to go and we are both happy with the arrangment. I have a lot of work to do on them this weekend, but at least she doesn't want any necklaces. Those are such a pain to make. I have stopped including them with my pendants. They are something that can be added onto purchase for two dollars.

More even better news coming soon!


painfool said...

Wow! Awesome stuff m. Lee. You make it look easy.

All my best,


Starry Designs said...

Patiently awaiting your better news. :)