Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Three Colors

Poppies v19 $30
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
This woodcut is for sale $30

I put this print up this morning, I like it so much that I almost didn't. But I think that I would rather have it sale then keep it for my portfolio. Three color prints are becoming my favorites. I used to do more, but three seems to work very well with my current designs. One more layer could have easily ruined this piece. The highlight of this print for me is the patch of white toward the center that really draws me in. That was a total accident on my part, like most of what I do kind of is.

I am still out of paper, other than the small amount I have torn already. So I either have to get my butt out in the rain to the store or work on pendants and carving. I am thinking making pendants and carving is actually the best way for me to be spending my time today.

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