Sunday, May 14, 2006

Keep the work moving

Banyan v9
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
For sale on Etsy

This is one of many woodcuts that I have put up this weekend. And many more are going up during the week. I have over fourty prints to get out there! Now that I am featured and my work is constantly on the front page I will be listing at least five times a day. Four pieces of art and one pendant. Speaking of pendants I should be working on some! My deadline for the wholesale order is the end of the month.

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sunshinealways said...

Amazing work! Congrats on the Etsy Featured Seller listing. I visit your blog everyday. Could you please tell me what kind of wood you use for your woodblock prints? Do you recommend any particular brand of tools...I am looking at buying them from Lee Valley tools (Basic carving - does not include sharpening tool) or the Palm Grip Carvers from Dick Blick (Sharpening tool included). Other materials I will be purchasing from Dick Blick and McClain's. We need a house for the printing I need to see how far I will go. Thanks a ton for the inspiration and good luck with the work ahead!