Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Colors

Cat Tails v 6 $25
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Personally I prefer the prints with blue (how odd of me to prefer blue to orange). But I still enjoy this orange and red print a lot. I think it would love lovely hung next to its blue sibling.

for sale

I wasn't able to print this morning, but I will this afternoon. The plan is to try and duplicate the Serenity print so I can keep one and sell the rest and make some new poppy prints.

Last night I listed two new items; a woodcut and a pendant.


Shaun said...

I'm actually going to buy this print! $25.. count me in...

Shaun said...

Do you print these your self?

** Shaun **
My awesome blog:


m.Lee said...

Yes, I print everything myself. Each one is hand carved, hand made and unique. Pictures of my process can be seen in the listing on Etsy. That is where my prints are being sold.

cyangarden said...

One of my favorites!

Anonymous said...



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