Thursday, April 27, 2006

Art Card Set

Dead Tree
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
During all my printing yesterday I made sure to use the extra space on the block to print up some art cards. I ended up with five successful cards out of six attempts. Not bad! These four can be bought individually for $8 each, but I think they make a very nice set.


Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed your work since the day I happened by your blog. Such beautiful pieces!! I just wanted to say that after I saw your blog I decided to take up woodcut printing. I needed to decide which creative outlet would suit me best and your blog helped me make that decision. I have made my list and will be starting out small.

Great work! Looking forward to more great pieces!!

Cecilia said...

Vim pela primeira vez teu blog e está o ....

Jay Rodriguez said...

Your work is great, the colors are all so fabulous. When I saw you work I said to myself, this girl creates relaxing colorful art. Great job :)

Ellen Shipley said...

I saw this on lj -- surprised to see you there. I generally lurk. I love your trees, tho I'm partial to the live ones. ;->


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