Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Workspace Revisted

Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Here are some prints that I finished last week piled up next to a couple of blocks of wood.

I am currently carving a number of blocks of wood. Once I get them done (hopefully by tonight) I can get a lot of printing done. What I am working on now is a 12"x12" version of the tree block featured in this photograph. When finished I will have four new images to use in my prints along with all my previous blocks. The more blocks I do the more variety my work has.


Ellen Shipley said...

It sure does! I know an abstract artist who does something similar to what you do, tho he only uses a couple of blocks. One thing he has done is turn the same block and print it over the first. He gets some interesting abstract images that way. I'm getting interested in trying it myself. You make it look so fun. 8-]

m.Lee said...

One of the wonderful things about working in the square format is that you can flip the block over and over and get some really interesting effects. Square has become my favorite format.