Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lots to do

Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
I got a gift certificate to McClain's for my birthday and spent it all (plus more) on stocking up on wood. These should last me a long time! I have so many ideas right now and am very excited to get them started. But first I need to finish a few or at least make some progress on some current work.

The reason why the blocks are orange is because I do an ink wash that allows me to see my carving marks clearly as I work. My former instructor taught me this method and it works very well for me.


JessieGirl said...

If you dont mind my asking, what kind of ink wash do you use. I do some woodcarving and this seems like it would be an incredibly useful start to the process.

m.Lee said...

I use Higgins ink dilluted with a bit of water. Any waterproof calligraphy type ink should work.