Thursday, March 23, 2006

Green Tree

Green Tree
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Today's printing went so-so. This is probably the best print I got today. I like it quite a bit but it was hard having so many prints that just didn't work. I just couldn't pull it together today and I find that very frustrating. I need to remember that it isn't fair for me to expect every piece, or even the majority of them, to be a winner.

I can't decide if I want to sell this one or keep it for my portfolio. Putting stuff on Etsy and watching them go is so much fun! But I need to think long term. Opinions?


Anonymous said...

its gorgeous! save this one for your portfolio. after you print some more you can always change your mind.
from baren.

m.Lee said...

Thank you for helping seal my decision to keep this print. It is my favorite colors after all.

Marie said...

I would find it hard to see it go too LOL!