Monday, December 19, 2005

This is my cat Laguna. He sits on my block and bats at the wood chips, often he hops up on it while I am working blocking my light. I toss him off but he comes right back. I shut the door and he pounds on it. He also likes sleeping on the pressbed of my printing press and on the shelf where I keep my paper. On many occasions I have caught him licking the leftover Soy Solve from my inking slab. He sits on the scanner when I am trying to scan in art. He is a bad cat.

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Dan said...

Nice looking kitty! I love my cats. They are like people, more like kids I guess. You toss them down from your space and they come right back up. Always annoying. But always loving.

Gotta take one of them to the vet next week... he freaks out in cars. :(